Service & Technical Support

1. Installation and Debugging

After equipment arrives at buyer’s factory, we will assign technicians to aid in on-site installation. Then, relevant engineers will perform equipment debugging and technical guidance. On-site training is also available for technicians, maintenance workers and operating staff from buyer’s factory.

2. Training

We offer free training of the equipment.

3. Maintenance

  a. On-site maintenance is available once malfunction occurs. Generally, problem will be solved within 5 days after our maintenance staff arrives at the site.

  b. For the products malfunctioning within quality warranty period, we will timely figure out solutions and assume the costs engendered thereof.

  c. Once product failure happens beyond quality warranty period, certain maintenance cost fees will be charged. Surely, we will firstly help the buyer to solve problems as soon as possible, and once components are needed, we will immediately send them to the buyer.

4. Routine Inspection

We deliver routine inspection for 1 to 2 times each year according to contract terms, and also make calls regularly to check on equipment service conditions. To maximally satisfy customers’ requirements and timely improve our service level, our maintenance staff will submit inspection or maintenance list to customers after inspection so that customers can fill in their suggestions and opinions.

5. Providing Information

  We provide the following information:

  a. Drawing: Process flow chart, equipment layout, schematic diagram, etc.

  b. Text information: Operation manual, equipment list, material report, operating instruction of outsourced universal parts, quality certificate, etc.