Organic fertilizer plant in Qingdao, China, 2018

We designed, customized and set up the organic fertilizer plant from fish waste in Qingdao with an annual production of 500,000 metric ton. The final product of organic fertilizers maintains a high content of Nitrogen.

Organic fertilizer plant in Jilin, China, 2019

Based on our customer’s request, we have designed and set up a manufacturing plant to produce seaweed fertilizer, chitosan, organic fertilizer, potassium humate, organic liquid fertilizer, NPK water soluble fertilizer, EDDHA Fe and other New-Type biofertilizers and organic fertilizers which contain innovative technology. The annual production is 1,000,000 metric ton of solid fertilizers and 500,000,000 liters of liquid fertilizers.

Zero liquid discharge Industrial waste water treatment plant, Jiangxi, 2020

We have customized the whole treatment plant for the waste effluent coming from the refined soybean oil factory. The release of refined soybean oil wastewater (RSOW) with a high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and oil content burdens the environment. Our customized wastewater treatment plant converts RSOW into lipids by oleaginous yeasts, which is a good way to turn this waste into usable products.

Hybrid chili plantation, Guizhou, China, 2021

Helped start the chili plantations of 10,000 Ha by introducing various hybrid seeds and irrigation technologies with the following properties: 1) extremely early-maturity hybrid varieties with high quality; 2) Lighter spicy, strong cold tolerance and disease resistance; 3) Fruit length about 15cm, diameter about 4cm, single weight about 60g; 4) The proper density is 45,000-52,000 plants/ha.