To our clients, we aim to provide high-quality services.

We, Dongting Lake International are the trusted partner for global agribusiness through our integrated network, workflow solutions and actionable insights. Our customers are better connected to make more informed decisions, growing productivity and profitability.

Integrated Solution

We can help you with design and implementation of both small and large scale agriproduct manufacturing effectively.

Crop input manufacturers

Boost the value and impact of your operations across the production chain with workflow automation and technology support.

Agricultural product manufacturers

Increase efficiency and add value to your operations by optimizing your processes with our customized machinery.


Boost productivity with the latest precision agriculture technology and comprehensive farm management solutions.

Our expertise

  1. Agricultural inputs use, technological change & transfer, and productivity growth
  2. Linkages in food security, nutrition, and health
  3. Sustainable management and associated ecosystems services in agri-sector
  4. Tailor-made solutions for your agribusiness needs

Our mission

To maximize profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter technology and connection across industries.

Let’s work together on your next agri-project

Provide bio-based solutions for leading brand in the agricultural sector around the world.